True Nature Chp2

   “George..!”, Mama roared.
George quickly went across the hall to Ma’s bedroom. She was lying on the floor, vomit pouring out of her mouth. He carried her to the bathroom and cleaned her up. Bathed her, dressing her in comfortable clothes. Gave her some medicine and put her to bed.
   George went back to his room. It was 3 in the morning as he glanced at the wall clock. He had to wake up in an hour anyways.
He sat on his bed. Closed his eyes. Took a deep breath. It was dead silent. He remembered the girl had seen last night. Before he shut the store. The tangled curls of her dark hair falling down her rose tinted cheeks. Her gleaming eyes looking up at his shabby being. He lied down a minute, thinking of that angel. His hand slightly pressed against his chest, feeling his heart throb.
“Only if I could see her again..”, he thought to himself.

True Nature Chp1

   He was just an ordinary boy walking down an ordinary street on an ordinary day. His mind filled with a drive to achieve what is easily any ordinary man’s dream. There was nothing special about George. Just another blade of grass grown on the sides of destiny’s course. He fit in perfectly in his life. He certainly believed so. Rebellion was an emotion unknown to him and definitely an inessential one.
   A simple person always remains a slave of circumstances. Spending his life entirely in aligning his own needs with that of other’s. Selflessness is the only way to progress I’ve heard. But living in the world around us, teaches us differently.

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